Mark Braff

Mark Braff retired in November 2020 after 40+ years as a highly regarded public relations professional, the last 27 as a consultant working under the banner of Braff Communications LLC.

He has spent an even longer period -- longer than he cares to acknowledge -- as a diehard baseball fan. The idea for a book about the sons of former major league baseball players had been rattling around Mark's head for more than a decade before he began working on the project upon his retirement. It sprung from the thought of baseball as a bonding experience between so many fathers and sons, from talking about the game to tossing a ball around the yard. But what is it like when dad is a professional baseball player? Is asking him to toss around a ball the same as an accountant's son asking pop to add a column of numbers just for fun? What happens when the son plays in Little League and spectators compare him to his dad? How does it feel when dad gets booed and the kids at school say he stinks?

In conducting interviews for Sons of Baseball: Growing Up With a Major League Dad,  Mark sought to answer these and other questions about the unique experience of growing up surrounded by the game of baseball.

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