Thrill Kill: A Quentin Archer Mystery

Don Bruns

Severn House, 2017

Agent: Jill Marr

Beneath the carefree atmosphere of New Orleans’ Mardi Gras, something very sinister is going on …

Three murders so far. No apparent motive; no link between the victims; none of them have been robbed. One item ties them together: a can of spray gas known as Chill has been left at the scene of each crime. Is someone killing for kicks? With no leads to pursue and no witnesses coming forward, all the cops can do is wait for Murder No.4.

The investigation stonewalled, Detective Quentin Archer approaches Solange Cordray for help. But can her brand of voodoo magic point him in the right direction?

Could there be more to these seemingly random killings than meets the eye? Teaming up once again with voodoo queen Solange, Archer begins to uncover evidence of a shocking conspiracy.