Erotic Confessions: Real People Talk About Putting the Spark Back in Their Sex

Steven & Iris Finz,

St. Martin's Press, 1998

Agent: Sandra Dijkstra

For more than a decade, Steven and Iris Finz have interviewed men and women across America, asking them to reveal their most intimate fantasies - and their most sensual experiences - so they can share them with their readers. They've talked to ordinary housewives and hard-working husbands, confirmed bachelors, computer techies, nurses, ski instructors - people from every walk of life - to find out how they keep their sex fresh and exciting. Here, with the co-operation of their subjects, they present 27 of these uncensored interviews. Meet Roxanne, a sultry-voiced singer whose secret admirer - clad only in a mask - looks suspiciously like her husband. Then there's Bernie, a polite bus driver with a thing for wet T-shirts. Or Lionel: student, nude model, friend to undergraduates. And that's just the beginning. The stories cover every kind of sexual fantasy, from old favourites like suburban swingers to new trends like cybersex.