Janell Cannon

Harcourt, 2000

Agent: Sandra Dijkstra

Crickwing never set out to be a bully--he wanted only to create his art in peace. But the little cockroach is an easy target for the bigger creatures in the forest. In his frustration he decides to even the score by bullying the leafcutter ants. They're just so easy to pick on. Big mistake. Nobody angers the leafcutter queen and gets away with it.


New York Times bestseller


"Text and illustrations are beautifully matched as readers follow Crickwing's positive transformation."
The Boston Globe

"Cannon's illustrations skillfully blur the line between fact and fancy, and add a feather to her well-decorated cap."
Publishers Weekly

"Crickwing is not only a hero, but an elegant, graceful beauty as well."
Kirkus Reviews