The Alzheimer's Prevention Program: Keep Your Brain Healthy For The Rest Of Your Life

Gary Small, Gigi Vorgan

Workman , 2011

Agent: Sandra Dijkstra

Want to keep Alzheimer’s at bay for years—ideally, forever? Prevention is the way, and this is the guide. Now in paperback and updated throughout, The Alzheimer’s Prevention Program is essential for everyone with a family history of Alzheimer’s, and for the 80 million baby boomers who worry whenever they forget someone’s name. It’s the book that shows how to strengthen memory and avoid everyday lapses. How to incorporate the top ten brain-protecting foods into your diet. How to cross-train your brain, exercising both the right and left hemisphere. And how to reduce stress, a risk factor for developing dementia and Alzheimer’s, through meditation and 11 other relaxation strategies.

Written by the New York Times bestselling authors of The Memory Bible, this book is an easy-to-follow regimen based on the latest comprehensive research into Alzheimer’s disease, and especially the critical connection between lifestyle and susceptibility. The paperback edition is updated with a brand-new section that answers the most compelling questions asked of Dr. Small after publication of the first edition, including: the power of exercise to offset a genetic predisposition; antibodies that can clear Alzheimer’s plaques from the brain; and promising new treatments, from drugs to deep brain stimulation.

It’s the science-based, breakthrough program that will bring mental clarity to every day and help you take control of your brain’s health.

“Marvelous book…. Dr. Small…approaches the problem and its solution in a clear and comprehensive way…. Refreshingly practical advice…. Along the way are useful facts…. The book is also highly interactive…. A superb handbook for keeping our brains in top form as we age.”

“In a clear, prudent voice, Small and Vorgan present the components of their program… concrete advice… A commonsensical guide to help keep your brain in fighting trim.”
Kirkus Reviews

The Alzheimer’s Prevention Program is a whole body, whole-mind, easy-to-follow regimen based on the latest research on Alzheimer’s disease, and especially the connection between lifestyle and susceptibility.”
Cision, The Medical Post