Nurturing Children's Talents: A Guide for Parents

Kenneth Kiewra

Praeger, 2019

Agent: Suzy Evans

Explains steps that parents can take to help their child develop talent in any activity that has sparked his or her interest.

• Covers early experience, environmental factors, and parental roles spurring talent development, from artistry and athleticism to culinary, musical, academic, dance, and other abilities

• Explains the importance of practice and steps to mentor and manage ability

• Details the SOAR system?Selection, Organization, Association, and Regulation

• Includes interviews with well-known talent stars like Olympic speed skater Bonnie Blair, nature photographer Joel Sartore, and pianist Jim Brickman; championship coaches like John Cook (college volleyball) and Robert Sabalvarro (Olympic fencing); and parents of dozens of talented children in domains such as chess, music, rodeo, swimming, baton twirling, football, and many more

• Includes a chapter on academic talent


"Parents are crucial as to whether a child's talents ever get noticed and developed. Parents are often the first teachers and while their teaching role diminishes as children age, their support is continuously needed. Dr. Kiewra combines his research on learning and giftedness to give parents helpful tools and advice to optimize their children's talent development. As a parent of a daughter whose talent area I knew nothing about, I wish I'd had Kiewra's book to guide me."
Paula Olszewski-Kubiliusm, Director, Center for Talent Development, Northwestern University

"We all want our children to succeed, but how do we as parents help make that happen? Nurturing Children's Talents: A Guide for Parents provides the answers. It offers helpful parenting tips on how to help children discover and develop their passion in all walks of life?from baton twirling to football to rodeo to chess. The book is about more than developing talent; it offers a path to healthy and enjoyable parent-child relationships. Enjoy Dr. Kiewra's book and let the potential for success begin."
Bonnie Blair Cruikshank, 5-time Olympic gold medalist in speed skating

"Almost any child can become talented but doing so requires a guiding and helping parent. Most parents, though, have little idea about how to nurture talent and sort of muddle through the process. There has never been a parent guide for helping children reach their talent potentials?until now. Nurturing Children's Talents: A Guide for Parents provides the blueprint. The book weaves the talent stories of many families?including my own story raising three chess champion daughters?and offers explicit and valuable parenting recommendations. All children have talent seeds waiting for parents to cultivate them. Finally, this book tells you how. "
Laszlo Polgár, Father, mentor, and coach of the famed Polgár sisters, three chess prodigies

"As a journal editor in gifted education, I see virtually all of the new ideas that come forth in the talent development area. This excellent, informative book by Dr. Kiewra stands out as a helpful, go-to resource for those wanting to launch talent development into the stratosphere and to guide its course. I was surprised to struggle while helping my and my wife's two children in the development of talents that were far beyond my own. I certainly could have used this excellent, informative book."
Don Ambrose, PhD, Editor, Roeper Review, and Professor of Graduate Education, College of Education and Human Services, Rider University