The Teller

Jonathan Stone

Thomas & Mercer, 2015

Agent: Jill Marr

Twenty-three-year-old Elaine Kelly doesn't earn much as a bank teller, and most of her salary goes toward caring for her terminally ill mother. When a lonely old man who deposits money at her bank every week gets hit and killed by a delivery truck, Elaine, a good Irish girl from Queens, thinks she's found the answer to her problems. She'll just transfer $1 million from the dead man's account into hers.

Except that the lonely old man may not have been who he seemed. And when you take $1 million that isn't yours, it can cost you...way more.

Acclaimed author Jonathan Stone's pulse-pounding thriller takes readers from the darkest corners of New York's financial empire into a shadowy hierarchy of wealth and power. The Teller follows the money, and takes readers along for the wild ride.


"Stone's plotting is tight as a drum, and his writing lean, with short, staccato sentences that create an immediate and immersive experience. Fans of Stone's other suspense titles will be thrilled, and newcomers will scramble for more." 
Library Journal