Crazy Cupid Love (Let's Get Mythical #1)

Amanda Heger

Sourcebooks, 2019

Agent: Jessica Watterson

Have you fallen deeply in love,
But get nervous approaching your dove?
Don’t be stupid;
Hire a cupid!
‘Cause sometimes love needs a shove.

Eliza Herman (a.k.a. The World’s Worst Cupid) has spent her entire life carefully avoiding her calling as a Descendant of Eros. After all, happily-ever-afters are nothing but a myth. But when a family crisis requires her to fill in at the local Cupid-for-hire shop, Eliza finds herself enchanting couples under the watchful eye of her assigned mentor, Jake Sanders…the one man she could never get out of her head.

Before long, Eliza is rethinking her stance on romance—until things start going terribly wrong with her enchantments. Now Eliza and Jake must fight to unravel a conspiracy that could destroy thousands of relationships, including their own…and spell the end of Love itself.

No pressure, right?

"Heger creates a light, bubbly, heart-filled environment... that will tickle any reader who has a weakness for mythology... The cheekiness is poisively infectious. An effervescent, pick-me up romance." 

"A delightful romp... filled with comical happenstance, a hint of mystery, and chapters of groanworthy antics, this promises to be an opus for those who love (and love to hate) love." 
-Publisher's Weekly

This whimsical Greek-gods inspired world is thoughtfully created, and the writing is funny and smart. Readers in the mood for a quirky, entertaining romance with a touch of magic will be enchanted" 

"Amanda Heger's wildly charming Crazy Cupid Love is a wonderful, magical little fantasy romance... it's the most unique, refreshing myth modernization I've read in ages. A+"
-AAR Reviews 

"Crazy Cupid Love is a delightful valentine to lose yourself in." 
-Entertainment Weekly