The Secret to Conquering Fear

Mike Hernacki,

Berkley, 1990

Agent: Sandra Dijkstra

"When you use the Secret and conquer your fear, something happens to you. You become stronger. You become larger than the fear. The fear still exists, but somehow it's less than you are. When you conquer your fear, you prepare yourself for another level, just as when you conquered single-digit addition you prepared yourself for double-digit addition."

It really is that simple. By using the Secret, you no longer have to be afraid of anything. By reading this book, you learn when fear is your enemy . . . and when it is your friend. While fear cannot be eliminated, it can be conquered. When it has been conquered, then you can reap the benefits and live a freer, more productive, more rewarding, and more carefree life.

The author knows the secret and knows the nature of fear. He shows that while fear is necessary, it is not necessary to be controlled by it. You really can learn how to use your fear to your advantage.

"A source of inspiration and strength which will benefit all who read it."
Jim Cathcart, author and president of the National Speakers Association, 1988-89

"A practical, yet powerful way to turn fear-based behavior into goal-directed action."
Tony Alessandra, Motivational speaker and author