Bricks and Bones

JD Allen

Severn River Publishing, 2022

Agent: Jill Marr

When a mobster's buried treasure inspires a series of violent crimes, private investigator Jim Bean will risk his life to solve his deadliest case yet.

What do Jeffrey Dahmer's murderous glove, a brick from Lizzy Borden's fireplace, a girl missing for over a decade, and an old mob boss have in common? That's what PI Jim Bean must find out to solve his next case.

When Irving Silverland hires him to find some missing murderabilia objects from his museum, Jim Bean struggles to find a motive behind the strange theft. But when one of the exhibit's employees is bludgeoned to death with the stolen brick that came from Lizzie Borden's fireplace, the bigger picture behind the crimes begins to take shape.

As legend has it, infamous mobster Phillip DeAngelo buried his fortune somewhere in the Vegas desert-and Jim suspects that Silverland's museum holds the key to the treasure's location. Now, more than one person is ready to kill Silverland's daughter to get their hands on it.

As a trail of violent crimes blazes through Vegas, Jim Bean finds himself scrambling to untangle the Silverland family's dark history. But when he gets too close to the truth, the fortune hunters will do anything to keep him quiet...even if that means putting him six feet under.