Wear the Damn Mask

Rick Hendrix, Shane Jordan

Gallery, 2020

Agent: Jessica Watterson

From the feisty and fabulous “Joan Rivers of the pet influencer community” (Paper Magazine), beloved social media star and canine fashion icon Izzy the Frenchie wittily explains why it’s so important we all wear face masks to battle COVID-19. 

French bulldog and doggy celebrity Izzy loves going out and about just like the rest of us, but she also knows how important it is to be stylish and safe. In Wear the Damn Mask, the four-legged “sassy fashion lover” (Vogue) shows how you can effortlessly be both.

Featuring endearing and funny photos of Izzy accompanied by cheeky words of wisdom on when to wear your mask and how to properly social distance, Wear the Damn Mask is a laugh-out-loud, clever read that will help prevent COVID-19 from literally going to the dogs.


“Everyone should pick up Izzy’s book...You know what happens when these bitches can’t get outside.”—Whoopi Goldberg

"A lot of people just aren’t listening to leadership, science, or anybody for that matter. So maybe they'll listen to a dog. Izzy the Frenchie has the answer. Wear the damn mask."—Howie Mandel

"Izzy's book is the perfect read for all those people in our lives that just need to get a clue and wear their damn masks!"—Christina Milian

“The most important book by a mask-wearing French bulldog in the last five years. This seminal or rather pivotal or rather influential work is all those things I just wrote.”—Joel McHale

"Leave it to Izzy to make masks the hottest, chicest accessory! Wear the Damn Mask serves as a great reminder that you can be safe and considerate of others while looking utterly fabulous."—Syd Robinson, BuzzFeed

“Would all public health stories be better with Izzy the Frenchie modeling do’s and don’ts? Yes, yes they would.”— Cara Kelly, USA Today