Last Dance (The Sam Carver Series)

Jeffrey Fleishman

Blackstone, 2020

Agent: Jill Marr

A famous Russian ballerina is found dead in a downtown LA loft. No marks, no bruises. The suspects are many: spies, hit men, a gunrunner, and one of Hollywood’s most powerful and mysterious film producers. Detective Sam Carver becomes entangled in a perilous reignited Cold War between Moscow and Washington. He chases leads from Europe to Africa.

But Carver faces other demons, too. He is haunted by Dylan Cross, a killer who got away a year earlier. She knows his secrets, whispers to him in his dreams. His obsession with Dylan threatens his new case and his relationship with Lily Hernandez, a uniform cop who wants to work as his partner.

Last Dance explores dangers within and without, and how we reconcile the damage, love, and things lost, in a Los Angeles that is as tempting and alluring as it is cruel and sinister.


"A hard-boiled, world-weary hero in the classic tradition of Philip Marlowe and Lew Archer, Carver will also appeal to fans of Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch. Fleishman is on his way to becoming a master of contemporary L.A. noir."
--Publishers Weekly 

"Last Dance is a perfect mystery novel...Fleishman's Los Angeles is dark, brutal, and somehow still filled with moments of profound beauty...You'll be taken away. And If something bad happens to me, I want Sam Carver on the case."

-- "Tod Goldberg, New York Times bestselling author of Gangster Nation and Living Dead Girl"

"Inside a story of murder, longing, and discovery, Jeffrey Fleishman has gracefully woven a story about American dreams, Cold War fears, and the changing nature of noir's most hallowed ground--Los Angeles."

-- "Tom Rosenstiel, author of Oppo and Shining City"

"The detective on the case, the LAPD's Sam Carver, talks a great game, alternating between laconic dialogue and appealingly quotable reflections as he fights off his memories of Dylan Cross."

-- "Kirkus Reviews"

"Last Dance pulled me in and wouldn't let go. The writing shines like broken glass. The story is fresh, sharp, and haunting."

-- "Meg Gardiner, Edgar Award-winning author of The Dark Corners of the Night"

"In this page-turning follow-up to My Detective, Jeffrey Fleishman again brings us his acute journalist's eye, lyrical turn of phrase, and talent for creating vivid and believable characters. From the international world of ballet to the grit and gorgeousness of Los Angeles, the plot twists keep surprising to the very end."

-- "Lindsay Marcott, author of The Producer's Daughter and Mrs. Rochester's Ghost"

-- Booklist