Breakaway: A Pilots Hockey Novel

Sophia Henry

Flirt, 2017

Agent: Jessica Watterson

In a standalone hockey romance that tugs at readers’ heartstrings, a broken ex-pro learns to live and love again—all thanks to the complicated, wonderful nurse who gives him a second chance.
Brianna Collins needs to break away from her heartbroken family. Ever since her brother suffered a career-ending concussion in a hockey game, her parents have pressured her to find a way to get him back on the ice. Unfortunately, no doctor will give him clearance to play and Bree is finished with being the person they rely on to perform a medical miracle that will never happen. A six-month nursing assignment at a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina, is just what the doctor ordered.
Luke Daniels, former forward for the NHL’s Charlotte Aviators, has spent two years haunted by demons from his past since an injury benched his playing career. When he meets Bree, the eccentric new nurse at the hospital where he volunteers in the pediatric unit, Luke thinks he’s found something to live for again—until he realizes it was her brother whose career he ended with an accidental hit.
Despite his initial reservations, Luke can’t help pursuing sweet, beautiful Bree. But when he comes face-to-face with her brother, he falls back on the only thing that’s ever helped suppress his guilt: pain medication. Luke’s not sure if he has the strength to kick his drug habit on his own. And if he doesn’t, he just may lose the woman he loves more than hockey.