Sandra Dijkstra

Areas of Interest: Fiction: Adult Literary and Commercial. Non-Fiction: History, Politics, Current Affairs, Business, Science, and Religious Studies. Read more>>
Elise Capron

Areas of Interest: Fiction: Adult Literary (Multicultural, Coming of Age, Magical Realism), Short Story Collections (very selective). Non-Fiction: History, Cultural Studies, Science, Nature/Environment, Memoir (very selective). Read more>>
Jill Marr

Areas of Interest: Fiction: Adult Commercial--Mystery, Thrillers, Romantic Suspense, Horror, Romance (especially rom com), Women's Fiction, Historical. Non-Fiction: True Crime, Science, History, Narrative Non-Fiction, Sports, Politics, Current Events, Self-Help, Health & Nutrition, Pop Culture, Humor, Music, Memoir (very selective). Read more>>
Thao Le

Areas of Interest: Fiction: Adult Sci-fi/Fantasy, Young Adult, Middle Grade, select Picture Books (by author/illustrators only), Romance. Read more>>
Jessica Watterson

Areas of Interest: Fiction: Romance (Historical, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, and Paranormal), Women's Fiction, Cozy Mystery, Domestic Noir, Young Adult, Middle Grade, Picture Books. 

Non Fiction: Pop Culture Read more>>
Suzy Evans

Areas of Interest: Fiction: Middle Grade, Young Adult (Historical, Thrillers, Graphic Novels), Picture Books.Non-Fiction: History, Current Events, Parenting, Sports, Self-Help, Health & Nutrition, Young Adult, Pop Culture, Humor, Music, Memoir. Read more>>
Jennifer Kim

Areas of Interest: Fiction: Adult Literary (Multicultural, Coming of Age, Magical Realism), Short Story Collections, Young Adult, Middle Grade. Non-Fiction: Cultural Studies, Pop Culture. Read more>>