Rose Sutherland

ROSE SUTHERLAND was born and raised a voracious reader of anything she could get her hands on in rural Nova Scotia. She has an overactive imagination and once fell off the roof of her house trying to re-enact Anne of Green Gables. She’s continued to be entertainingly foolhardy since, graduating theatre school in NYC, apprenticing at a patisserie in France, and most recently, moonlighting as an usher and bartender in Toronto. She loves big cities, but often wishes she could live by the sea all the time. Her hobbies include yoga, dance, signing, searching out amazing coffee and croissants, and making very niche jokes about Victor Hugo on the internet. She is mildly obsessed with the idea of one day owning a large dog, several chickens, and maybe a goat.

Books by Rose Sutherland

A Sweet Sting of Salt

Random House, 2024