Hanne Strager

Hanne Strager is a Danish biologist, whale researcher, and author. She is the co-founder of the Andenes Whale Centre in Norway and she has served as the Director of Exhibitions at the Natural History Museum of Denmark. She has taught biology of marine mammals at the University of Copenhagen and has led numerous expeditions of whale researchers and film expeditions to Northern Norway. She is involved in the development and fundraising for the new Norwegian museum, The Whale, which is slated to begin construction in Andenes in 2025.

With an undergraduate degree in journalism, Strager received a Master of Science from the Aarhus University, Denmark. She was also a Fulbright Scholar at University of California, Santa Cruz, in their biology Ph.D. program.

Strager has been awarded the Copenhagen University Natural Sciences Faculty’s prize for science communication.

In addition to The Killer Whale Journals, Strager is the author of A Modest Genius: The Story of Darwin’s Life and How His Ideas Changed EverythingPrecious Things and Shadow Zone.


Books by Hanne Strager

The Killer Whale Journals: Our Love and Fear of Orcas

Johns Hopkins University Press, 2023