Drawn to Change the World Graphic Novel Collection: 16 Youth Climate Activists, 16 Artists

Emma Reynolds

HarperAlley, 2023

Agent: Thao Le

The climate crisis is reaching a critical tipping point—and you might have heard of the countless amazing young people who are taking action and speaking up for change.

Emma Reynolds shines a spotlight on sixteen incredible youth activists from around the world who are fighting to protect the planet and all life on Earth. From Autumn Peltier campaigning for clean water to Edgar Edmund Tarimo turning plastic waste into building materials—and many more—these inspiring true stories highlight the importance of taking charge and creating change.

Beautifully illustrated by sixteen different artists and accompanied by facts and pictures that explain the science, Drawn to Change the World is for anyone who wants to learn more about the climate and nature crisis and what we can do about it, with extensive front matter and back matter materials.

You are not too young and you are not too old to begin. We need everyone to help with the biggest challenge the human race has ever faced. We can do this if we work together.

For after all, change starts with you!

"Young environmental activists around the world are making a difference... The comics were created by different cartoonists whose backgrounds, styles, and even palettes are equally wide-ranging. Overall, these are heartening examples of young people taking action against what is probably the most important issue in all our lives; readers will emerge compelled to make a difference themselves." —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)