China Men

Maxine Hong Kingston

Vintage, 1989

Agent: Sandra Dijkstra

The author chronicles the lives of three generations of Chinese men in America, woven from memory, myth and fact. Here's a storyteller's tale of what they endured in a strange new land.


New York Times bestseller, San Francisco Chronicle bestseller


A history at once savage and beautiful, a combination of bone-grniding reality and luminous fantasy. —The New Republic

Superb . . . humorous . . . magical. We are in the presense of a splendid raconteur, who shares with us the myths and stories that emerge from the lode of a cultures deepest realities. —Chicago Tribune

China Men is a voyage itself, to China and back. It will come to be regarded as one of the classic American works on the experience of immigration . . . a work of enormous power, feeling, and understanding. —Los Angeles Herald Examiner