Make a Move, Sunny Park!

Jessica Kim

Kokila, 2023

Agent: Thao Le

From the author of Stand Up, Yumi Chung! comes a funny and utterly charming novel about friends—how to make them, how to let go of them, and how to be your own BFF.

This is the story of Sunny Park, a seventh-grade student at Ranchito Mesa Middle who loves the K-pop band Supreme Beat, hanging out with her cool grandma, dancing when no one is watching, snacking on shrimp chips, and being there for Bailey, her best friend since third grade. When Bailey decides that she and Sunny should audition for the school dance team in a ploy to parent-trap Bailey’s divorced mom and dad, Sunny agrees even though the thought of performing in public makes her pits sweat. After all, she’d do anything for Bailey. In a twist of fate, Sunny makes the team and Bailey doesn’t, and when Sunny reluctantly joins, it’s the start of a painful and drawn-out parting of ways for the two girls. As Sunny takes her first steps out from behind her friend’s shadow, she’ll have to figure out who she wants to be when she’s in the spotlight—and who she wants dancing alongside her.


"Kim does a stellar job of portraying different types of friendships, illustrating how healthy and unhealthy ones can differ and creating an authenic road map for tweens who are navigating the social complexities of middle school. At the same time, she infuses Sunny's growth as a friend, an artists, and a leader with fun and joy - especially during the dance scenes. Make a move on this book - its heart will cheer your soul." - Kirkus Reviews starred review