Gnome and Rat: A Graphic Novel

Lauren Stohler

Random House, 2023

Agent: Thao Le

Readers will get a kick out of the whimsical and hilarious everyday shenanigans of best friends, Gnome and Rat, in the first book of this new early graphic novel series.

Gnome and Rat are best friends who live together in a charming forest. Rat enjoys drinking tea and finishing crossword puzzles. And Gnome... well, Gnome likes to polish his pointy red hat and eat delicious sausages.

Join these funny friends on their various adventures, whether it's celebrating Hat Day, perfecting magic tricks, or tracking down a new signature hat for Gnome. Whatever their antic, these two know exactly how to have a good time: with each other.


"This delightfully lively early graphic novel series launch by Stohler (I Am a Great Friend!) follows rambunctious, extravagantly bearded Gnome and his sedate, gray-spotted best friend Rat as they embark on numerous episodic adventures. On Gnomevember 17, Gnome wakes up excited to celebrate Hat Day, the most important day on the gnome calendar. After lovingly washing, unflattening, and polishing his beloved pointed red hat, Gnome hustles into the kitchen to learn that Rat has surprised him with an entire Hat Day celebration. Later, after Gnome witnesses a magic trick in which one rabbit pulls another out of a top hat, Gnome stuffs himself into his own accessory, but the experiment results in a woefully stretched-out chapeau. Hair-growth tonics, a dinosaur-decorated bowler, and Rat’s daily crosswords herald myriad other challenges and hijinks in which friendship—and gentle playfulness—always save the day. Offbeat characters, including a fast-talking, hat-designing possum with dreadful taste, enliven these simple tales of headwear appreciation. Stohler’s art glows with an inviting warmth that encourages readers to linger over the duo’s cheery home as well as the landscape’s purple-hued mountains and flower-filled mushroom forests while eagerly awaiting the series’ next installation." Publisher's Weekly

"Stohler’s lively, cartoony illustrations and expressive characters keep the mood light and fun. Bright colors create the lush landscapes and stellar sunsets that make up the Enormous Forest, with white highlights helping the main characters stand out on each page. Light humor, created by the juxtaposition of Gnome’s high energy and Rat’s down-to-earth problem-solving, will keep kids and adults giggling as they turn the page. Supporting characters, such as the hat-selling possum and hat-repair porcupine, add to the whimsy. A cute new addition to the growing pool of emergent-reader graphic novels featuring best friends, this will appeal to fans of Ben Clanton's "Narwhal & Jelly" series and Stephen Shaskan's "Pizza & Taco" books." School Library Journal

"Friendship at its most whimsical." —Kirkus Reviews

"Sunny and lighthearted." —Shelf Awareness

"With a balance of rambunctious glee and genuine warmth, this will be a sure hit with kids wanting a bit of pure goofiness as they move into solo reading." —The Bulletin