Hot Summer

Elle Everhart

Putnam, 2024

Agent: Jill Marr

Sparks fly when a young woman finds herself cast on a Love Island-inspired reality show and has to choose between her heart and her strategy in this sizzling new queer romantic comedy from the beloved author of Wanderlust.

This summer, things are about to heat up.

Cas Morgan has spent years of her life watching Hot Summer, the hit reality dating show that pairs together a bunch of sexy singles in an exotic island location. Like the rest of the TV-watching UK public, she’s captivated by the hot contestants, outrageous fights, and hilarious banter. But she never quite thought she’d be a part of it, until her company secures a partnership with the production team behind the show, and Cas is handpicked as a contestant. She won’t get any extra help making it through the eight weeks in the hot Cypriot sun, but if she does well and makes it to the finals, her long-awaited promotion will be secured.

Cas is ready to spend the summer trying to make herself more likeable to win over the voting public—and, if not likeable, then at least iconic. But just as she steps into the villa, her entire plan goes off course. She’s instantly smitten with fellow contestant, Ada, who shockingly appears to be on the show to find a genuine relationship, one Cas can't give. Ada is gorgeous and charming, and seems to like Cas exactly as she is, sharp-edges and all. Cas isn't used to the side of herself Ada brings out, and when their connection becomes undeniable—and Cas's own standing in the villa precarious—she's torn between listening to her heart or sticking to her strategy.


Hot Summer is the perfect summer beach read, the perfect escape, and the perfect reality every romantic deserves—a book to make you believe in happily-ever-after. Cas and Ada’s chemistry sizzled and their love and tenderness could melt the hardest heart. If I hadn’t already been a hopeless romantic, Hot Summer would have made me one. Absolutely, hands down, one of the best romances I’ve read." —Karelia Stetz-Walters, author of Satisfaction Guaranteed 


"All the fun of binge-watching your favorite reality show, wrapped up in a sexy, swoony love story. A perfect summer read!"-- Elle Gonzalez Rose, author of Caught in a Bad Fauxmance


“Everhart’s sophomore endeavor sizzles with will-they-or-won’t-they chemistry. The scorching slow burn between Cas and Ada is so hot it nearly had me reaching for the SPF. And what I loved most is that beneath the glitz and glam and cameras is beautifully sweet story about two women learning about their own inner strength all while going weak in the knees for each other. HOT SUMMER is a sexy and swoony Sapphic spectacle—a perfect gift to all of us wishing every tv reality dating show was a whole heckuva lot gayer.” —Andie Burke, author of Fly with Me

“Everhart’s romance is made of reality TV dreams: juicy gossip, hot hookups, and drama, drama, drama. Cas and Ada are the fan-made stars of Hot Summer’s very own Hot Gay Summer, and their chemistry is both refreshing and steaming off the pages. With reality TV theatrics and a heartfelt queer romance, this is a can’t-miss book. Love Island meets its match in this steamy summer romance.” Kirkus
“[An] inclusive, pop-culture-forward romance. . . Everhart has a light touch with both plotting and prose, and her heroines’ bisexuality is refreshingly unsensationalized. Meanwhile, the supporting characters [feel] impressively real. This is one to throw in the beach bag.” Publishers Weekly

 "Are you a Too Hot to Handle enthusiast, a Love Island truther — or the secret third thing: a Love is Blind fanatic? Taking on the traditional, heteronormative structure of dating shows and having the protagonist forced to choose between her heart and her growing fame, Everhart’s latest is a total winner." B&N Reads