Christy Healy

Blackstone, 2024

Agent: Jill Marr

For fans of Hannah Whitten and Rebecca Ross, Unbound is a gender-bent reimagining of the classic tale of a monstrous beast and the beauty determined to tame it, set against the lush backdrop of Irish mythology and folklore.

Rozlyn Ó Conchúir is used to waiting--waiting for the king, her father, to relent and allow her to leave the solitude of her tower; waiting for the dreaded and mysterious Beast of Connacht to at last be defeated; waiting for the arrival of the man destined to win her heart and break the terrible curse placed on her and her land. So when she meets Jamie--a charming and compelling suitor--she allows herself to hope that her days of solitude and patience are over at long last.

But as she finds her trust betrayed--and newer, more sinister threats arising--Rozlyn learns that some curses are better left unbroken ...


“UNBOUND is a decadent eldritch fairytale that ensnares the reader in its dark and tangled web. Healy’s sumptuous prose brings Celtic myths to life and retains a dreamlike quality even while plunging into the nightmares that lurk within the human heart. Hurray for monstrous protagonists and the men that love them!” - Thea Guanzon, author of THE HURRICANE WARS