Christy Healy

Blackstone, 2024

Agent: Jill Marr

For fans of Hannah Whitten and Rebecca Ross, Unbound is a gender-bent reimagining of the classic tale of a monstrous beast and the beauty determined to tame it, set against the lush backdrop of Irish mythology and folklore.

Rozlyn Ó Conchúir is used to waiting--waiting for the king, her father, to relent and allow her to leave the solitude of her tower; waiting for the dreaded and mysterious Beast of Connacht to at last be defeated; waiting for the arrival of the man destined to win her heart and break the terrible curse placed on her and her land. So when she meets Jamie--a charming and compelling suitor--she allows herself to hope that her days of solitude and patience are over at long last.

But as she finds her trust betrayed--and newer, more sinister threats arising--Rozlyn learns that some curses are better left unbroken ...


“UNBOUND is a decadent eldritch fairytale that ensnares the reader in its dark and tangled web. Healy’s sumptuous prose brings Celtic myths to life and retains a dreamlike quality even while plunging into the nightmares that lurk within the human heart. Hurray for monstrous protagonists and the men that love them!” - Thea Guanzon, author of THE HURRICANE WARS


A heartfelt story of monsters and myth, love and curses, and a heroine coming into her own ferocious power. Readers who love thorny, twisted romance and Celtic legend will be enchanted by Unbound.--H.G. Parry


“The worldbuilding is fun and the tense, charged relationship between Jamie and Rozlyn keeps the pages turning… Healy should win some fans with this one.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“Steeped in Irish folklore and mythology, Healy’s tale grabs readers by the hand, guiding them on a journey filled with delicious, gut-wrenching twists and turns.” —Library Journal

“A sweeping romantic fantasy drenched in Irish lore and mythology…Readers will delight in Healy’s world of dark legends and hard-won romance.”—Shelf Awareness