Jo Kaplan

Jo Kaplan, who also writes under her legal name Joanna Parypinski, is a college English instructor by day and a writer of the dark and strange by night. Her work has appeared in Black Static, Nightmare Magazine, Haunted Nights (ed. Ellen Datlow and Lisa Morton), The Beauty of Death 2: Death by Water, Nightscript IV, Tales from the Lake 5, Vastarien, and elsewhere. Her latest novel, Dark Carnival, was released by Bram Stoker Award winning press Independent Legions in 2019 and her forthcoming novel, It Will Just Be Us will be published by Crooked Lane Books in August 2020. Living in the shadow of an old church that sits atop a hilly cemetery north of Los Angeles, she writes, grades essays, and plays her cello surrounded by the sounds of screaming neighbor children.


Books by Jo Kaplan

It Will Just Be Us

Crooked Lane Books, 2020

Dark Carnival [by Jo Kaplan writing as Joanna Parypinski]

Independent Legions Publishing, 2019